• Our brand new refrigeration system is designed to maintain a constant temperature of 13-14℃ /55-57℉

  • Our lockers are on the ground level with concrete floors and thick heavily insulated double walls to naturally regulate temperature swings during the hot and cold months

  • There are no windows, and our energy-efficient LED lighting is on motion sensors, keeping your wine in the dark most of the day

  • Humidity will be kept in a range of 60 to 70% RH and monitored to prevent your corks from drying or your labels mildewing



  • 24/7 professional monitoring service with cellular back-up

  • Two forms of keypad entry and individual keyed lockers

  • Security cameras to monitor every vantage point



  • Personal locker access seven days a week from 7am to 11pm

  • Easy access on/off Interstate 5

  • Just 15 minutes from the border & 10 minutes from the Bellingham Airport

Locker Sizes & Rates


Border Wine Storage has several different individual wine locker sizes to choose from. The sixteen case locker is our most popular size but you can easily trade up or down as your wine storage needs change. Looking for something larger?  We are happy to build a size that fits your needs (up to 100 cases)